4 Styles To Wear A Blazer | Men’s USA

3 button blazer

Why Blazer Are So Awesome?

You hear about the word “Versatility”. Blazer are must on your wardrobe because they are so versatile. Men Cashmere blazer used in offices, best corduroy blazer used in business and friends parties and women colorful blazer used in the happy morning like Friday and Sunday morning.

4 Styles To Wear A Best Blazer With Best Combination:

Dress Shirt With Bow Tie With Blazer:

For those more formal events like business parties, you can’t go wrong with this classic pairing. You can mix almost any dress shirt and tie to create a decent look that works with your style.

Cashmere Blazer With V-Neck T Shirt:

Wearing a velvet best blazer with a V-neck t-shirt is a little bit more casual still. It has a clearly chic feel to it.

Black Cashmere Blazer With Denim Jeans:

Wearing a cashmere men blazer with a nice pair of dark blue jeans is a great way to dress up an informal look. But, slouchy jeans and troubled jeans can add an interesting and surprising twist to the look.

Blue Velvet Blazer With Polo T-Shirt:

If you don’t feel like getting all buttoned up, choose for a polo shirt. It is still a nice appearance but not as formal feeling as a button up. More, if you want a sportsman look, this is proper the way to go.


If this article is clear and you want to make best pair in your life then just go to Men’s USA for best cashmere blazer for men, Corduroy Blazer, velvet blue blazer and colorful blazer.

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