6 Days And 6 Ways: The Art Of Sport Coat And Fine Suit For Men & Women

Fine Suit For Men

Making The Most Of This Wardrobe Important:

The cashmere sport coat is the building block of many a man’s dress, but it is very easy to forget how creatively it can be worn it does not have to be pinstripe suit, dress pant, maybe a bowtie, end of story. Dress it up, dress it down, pair a classic color of corduroy blazer with something surprising.

Here our top six ways to get more from a sport coat than you might have thought possible.


Wear it well. Great starting with formal tuxedo suit with bow tie.


Wear it well. Cashmere sport coat with dress pant look more official.


Wear it well. Corduroy blazer with denim jeans look more professional.



Corduroy pants in a color that brings out the stripe of the corduroy sport coat completes the office to outdoors vibe.


Tuxedo coat with dress pant looks excited in offices.


Wear it well. Wearing pinstripe suit or Tazio suit make you relax at the vacation.


Mensusa offers all types of suit and coats for men and women with all latest designs.

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